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All rights reserved. For male widow spiders, mating is an infamously dangerous activity.

InMaydianne Andrade found that sexual encounters between redback spiders are longer if the male allows himself to be cannibalized. By sacrificing male widows life, mzle can fill his partner with more sperm. The female keeps that sperm in two storage organs, and can facebook single chat when she male widows wivows stockpiled cells to fertilize her eggs.

But Andrade showed that females that eat male widows first mate are more likely to reject a subsequent one.

Then, one day, her student Dani Baggio noticed something strange. She had housed young redbacks together, and noticed that the males would often try to mount immature females, making it very hard to pull them male widows.

And this time she said: I think they are mating. I told her to go away male widows isolate the females and watch to see if they produced viable eggs.

She did. And they did. The males were clearly mating with them though, and when they did, male widows almost never offered themselves up as snacks.

An adult male redback enters a web. When Andrade talked about the discovery at male widows conference, she learned that another student, Iara Sandomirsky, had seen the same behavior in male widows closely related spider—the brown widow.

The male brown widow pictured also uses their fangs to create openings male widows females' outer shells and access their genitals. These malle acts clearly damage the females.

The males certainly wiows. When one mates with an immature female, he is more likely to fill both storage organs and plug them, preventing later suitors male widows displacing his sperm.

As mae the brown widows, a whopping 80 percent of males get a second shot at mating if their first partner is immature. A female brown male widows tends to her web.

Male spiders may stumble onto the webs of immature females while looking for adults. Possibly male widows doing so is tricky, says Andrade.

It means finding male widows during a narrow window when their genitals are internally ready but not externally open. Still, this happens frequently enough that a third of female redbacks seem to mate male widows they are fully mature. Read Caption.

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A redback female cannibalizes a male. By Ed Yong. Photograph by MCB Andrade Photogrpah by MCB Andrade.

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